Howdy-do, skrontypoos?
Plenty of announcements from the Thundyverse, gather round!

Shovelhawks Volume 1 is available to purchase in print from our online store NOW. You can tuck in to the first two chapters for free HERE  and immerse yourself in the gripping saga, before copping the hard copy with delivery straight to your door so you can finish the epic 1st Volume from the comfort of your very own living hole!
To all of our avid and loyal followers, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a new chapter of Space Time Thief is currently in production – That’s right! Your favourite flambouyant duo Florentino and Meatball are returning in an all new, hyper-fancy rigmarole!

And lastly you can catch us in the flesh at a couple of upcoming events we are working hard in preparation for:

Shake! Bristol, Sunday 7th October LINK
Brighton Illustration Fair, 3rd & 4th November LINK

See ya there, ciao!

How R U Feeling??

The rollercoaster of ‘Thun’ continues at a relentless pace, and the hivemind is feeling good! We had a great time last Sunday helping Ruby Hinton run her Draw Your Feelings workshop – we got to draw and hang out with some sweet sweet beings. The workshop was run off the back of the Equinox spring time exhibition here in Bristol where we exhibited some work – keep your eyelids ajar for new posters in the Thunderchair shop!

On top of this our friend and general good creature Max K of Shake has interviewed us for the latest issue of his magazine. Its the best one yet and inside you will find out what truly keeps our twisted hearts ticking. Buy your copy now HERE …

As for upcoming happenings we’ll be trading at Birmingham Comic Con next weekend (28th/29th)! – we expect to be batting away the hordes of ThunderFans from the Midlands decked out in CJ and Slug Harris cosplay. New stock will be available for purchase, not least the long awaited release of Shovelhawks Volume 1, all 3 chapters (including the never seen before Chapter 3) combined in our longest and most exhilarating story yet!

Follow the links below for more info on Birmingham Comic Con as well as keeping up to date with future activity with Ruby’s Bristol workshops!

Will U B My Palentine?

Shake at Rough Trade Bristol was a hoot hoot kachoot! Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who visited our table and bought a tasty chunk of Thundy goodness. A gigantic, skrontacula thanks to those legendary few who scored a copy of the brand spanking new comic, CJ & Slug Harris!

Speaking of which, CJ & Slug Harris Issue 1 will be available on the Thunderchair Webshop this Sunday Feb 18th! PLUS a barrage of newness in the form of sludgilicious badges and stickers to make you pee your knickers! Hoot hoot kachoot! And remember if you’re hot to trot or cool-cat-not, chill at the Thundyspot!

To wrap this sucker up quick styler our new luxury collaborative item, created with our Thunderfriend, Crypto Spectre, will be hitting the webshop shelves, post-haste!

Now shoo!! Away with you, foul boggart!

January/Feb Update

Another rotation cycle has been completed. The time they call “2018” came into effect, as is tradition. After experiencing this, so called 2018, for several sleeps and wakes now, Thunderchair can confirm, with haste and gumption, that this is in fact, a “New Year”. Try not to panic, we’ve done enough of that for you already. With this news upon us, it brings in tandem a string of exciting, fancy and some would say, gorgonzola, based treats for you sensory receptors. Gather supplies, mainly toilet roll, and read on.

Issue 1 of CJ & SLUG HARRIS has fully formed and taken its rightful place as priority one. Soon, if our modern systems of delivery stay true to the ancient texts, these wondrous comics shall be purchasable over on our shop! As well as at the upcoming event, SHAKE! On Sunday 11th February. If you assess your inner selves, you’ll soon find that the ONLY option is to come on that very date. You shall be rewarded with endless art goodness, all the visual stimulation you can handle, and probably many free stickers.

Along with the release of CJ & SLUG HARRIS Issue 1 and the event on February 11th, SHAKE! We have merged our conscience with a dear friend who is named, Gordon Emmanuel. With our combined essence, Gordon has produce a VERY LIMITED range of resin cast Slug Harris Figures! Neither action, nor words can express our respect for Gordon’s mighty talents and we are beyond euphoric to join forces and bring you these limited edition pieces of beauty. Be the first to observe and obtain one at SHAKE! On February 11th.

Thundertrain In Motion

After a humid summer of sweat, cider and extracurricular shenanigans, Thunderchair return with the falling red leaves of Autumn. The wheels of the Thundertrain are in motion, the last few weeks have been busy with client commissions which we are always looking to take more of. Please contact us at for your skronty graphics and print needs!

We also stalled at this years’ Bristol Comic & Zine Fair, and we’d love to send out our pungent scented love and hugs to everyone who came along, read or bought something from us. It was nothing short of a smash hit! Shout out to the organisers for putting on a good show too. Everything we had for sale at the fair is available to purchase on our Website Shop, hit the tab above to shop, pop, drop and skibbidy bop!!!

Last but not least, Thunderchair have some tasty newness flying into your peeping squint beads!! All through Autumn and Winter we’ll be releasing hawt new content, so stay frosty and we’ll satiate your every visual need! We have Chapter 3 of ShovelHawks coming at you real soon, read Chapters 1 & 2 by clicking the ‘COMICS’ tab above and delve into the birth of the piratey epic unfolding before your sight globes . In addition we have a brand new title set for release in the not so distant future; the birth of CJ & Slug Harris is here! Two disenfranchised best buds have dreams much bigger than their brains. Watch them fumble their way through the mess of a world that surrounds them yearning to reach the top, whatever ‘the top’ is! Catch an exclusive sneak peek of the first pages in the image above, Keeeeeeeyaouuuue!

Updated Site / Full Shop Launch

Fresh from our Zine Fair ventures of late: Thunderchair welcomes you to our updated website and the launch of our wondrous new shop, featuring comics, prints and models!

Plenty of new products for you to feast your peepholes on from comics and prints to custom clay sculptures and hellish plant pots.

As always, the hivemind has been busy at work and have released the first chapter in our latest sci-fi saga, ‘Shovelhawks’, for your reading pleasure! – Click ‘COMICS’ tab above and start the stumble through garish alien worlds, and the oddly relatable lives of Jack Joons, Dura Durtstein and Tracy the dog!

The 1st issues of Thunderchair comics’, ‘Space Time Thief’ and ‘Hyper Galactic Rockstar Champion’ are also still available to purchase and free to read on our new, shiny site!

Keep up-to-date with releases of new comics and products flying at ya face in the very near future by following us on our various social media pages.

INSTAGRAM: @Thunderchair

Belated book launch video & update

Lots of fun over the last few weeks!

Our book launch was a great success, check out the video below (filmed by Dessy Baeva).
Stalling at Shake on the 2nd April was a pleasure as always!
Plenty more coming up from us over the next couple of months including a table selling our comics at Fairplay zine fair in Brighton on 21st May.

Keep your minds broken


This Friday we will be celebrating the launch of our two comic books in our hometown of Bristol!

‘Hyper Galactic Rockstar Champion’ and ‘Space Time Thief from the Past’ will be for sale along with a range of merchandise and freebies to go along with purchses of the comics.

In addition we will have Max K of Shake Bristol and Harry Wyld doing a live draw and Silent Mode performing songs for your entertainment! Also take part in our raffle to win BIG and have your alien caricature drawn by Thunderchair artists.

Also don’t forget to listen back to us chatting to Pitch Illustration Radio on Radio Cardiff via the podcast below.


Peace out Spuntloots



Brace yourselves earthlings as Thunderchair HQ has taken delivery of two extravagant visual delights! Our beautifully printed comics are available to purchase from today on our online shop, and can be accessed and read for free via the website…

To celebrate this momentus occasion we will be hosting a book launch on Friday the 24th of March (6:30pm-10:30pm) in our nerve center, Bristol, at Cafe Kino 108 Stokes Croft BS1 3RU. Purchase comics from this event to unlock bonus gifts, whilst we have some live art and DJ for your entertainment.

Also don’t forget to catch us on Radio Cardiff 98.7 this evening from 7pm discussing all things Thunderchair with Pitch Illustration Radio! Or listen to the podcast at the link below…