Well, well, welly wellington!
What a thund-tastic year it was as the world crumbled around us into the savage abyss of unrelenting chaos.
Many tales were chronicled in the sequential narrative form once again by the Thunderchair Trifecta and we would personally like to thank everyone that read, saw, shared, binned, frisbeed or headbutted any of the fine Thundy products we have displayed, both online and at an event.

Our final two events of the year were SHAKE! Bristol and Brighton Illustration Fair (or BIF for short!). Both were rip-roaring good times and we loved seeing old friends and meeting many wondrous new thunderzoids!

Speaking of new things, we have finally released Space Time Thief 2: Cavalier Hat. Obtain the sacred text HERE!

Now, skibbidy deen, it’s 2019! Let’s join hands and summon the almighty Beelzebub together and will him to empower us to finish all the beauteous works we have in the pipeline for your mind pasties!

3… 2… 1… GO!!