Updated Site / Full Shop Launch

Fresh from our Zine Fair ventures of late: Thunderchair welcomes you to our updated website and the launch of our wondrous new shop, featuring comics, prints and models!

Plenty of new products for you to feast your peepholes on from comics and prints to custom clay sculptures and hellish plant pots.

As always, the hivemind has been busy at work and have released the first chapter in our latest sci-fi saga, ‘Shovelhawks’, for your reading pleasure! – Click ‘COMICS’ tab above and start the stumble through garish alien worlds, and the oddly relatable lives of Jack Joons, Dura Durtstein and Tracy the dog!

The 1st issues of Thunderchair comics’, ‘Space Time Thief’ and ‘Hyper Galactic Rockstar Champion’ are also still available to purchase and free to read on our new, shiny site!

Keep up-to-date with releases of new comics and products flying at ya face in the very near future by following us on our various social media pages.

INSTAGRAM: @Thunderchair
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Thunderchair


This Friday we will be celebrating the launch of our two comic books in our hometown of Bristol!

‘Hyper Galactic Rockstar Champion’ and ‘Space Time Thief from the Past’ will be for sale along with a range of merchandise and freebies to go along with purchses of the comics.

In addition we will have Max K of Shake Bristol and Harry Wyld doing a live draw and Silent Mode performing songs for your entertainment! Also take part in our raffle to win BIG and have your alien caricature drawn by Thunderchair artists.

Also don’t forget to listen back to us chatting to Pitch Illustration Radio on Radio Cardiff via the podcast below.


Peace out Spuntloots