January/Feb Update

Another rotation cycle has been completed. The time they call “2018” came into effect, as is tradition. After experiencing this, so called 2018, for several sleeps and wakes now, Thunderchair can confirm, with haste and gumption, that this is in fact, a “New Year”. Try not to panic, we’ve done enough of that for you already. With this news upon us, it brings in tandem a string of exciting, fancy and some would say, gorgonzola, based treats for you sensory receptors. Gather supplies, mainly toilet roll, and read on.

Issue 1 of CJ & SLUG HARRIS has fully formed and taken its rightful place as priority one. Soon, if our modern systems of delivery stay true to the ancient texts, these wondrous comics shall be purchasable over on our shop! As well as at the upcoming event, SHAKE! On Sunday 11th February. If you assess your inner selves, you’ll soon find that the ONLY option is to come on that very date. You shall be rewarded with endless art goodness, all the visual stimulation you can handle, and probably many free stickers.

Along with the┬árelease of CJ & SLUG HARRIS Issue 1 and the event on February 11th, SHAKE! We have merged our conscience with a dear friend who is named, Gordon Emmanuel. With our combined essence, Gordon has produce a VERY LIMITED range of resin cast Slug Harris Figures! Neither action, nor words can express our respect for Gordon’s mighty talents and we are beyond euphoric to join forces and bring you these limited edition pieces of beauty. Be the first to observe and obtain one at SHAKE! On February 11th.