Howdy-do, skrontypoos?
Plenty of announcements from the Thundyverse, gather round!

Shovelhawks Volume 1 is available to purchase in print from our online store NOW. You can tuck in to the first two chapters for free HERE  and immerse yourself in the gripping saga, before copping the hard copy with delivery straight to your door so you can finish the epic 1st Volume from the comfort of your very own living hole!
To all of our avid and loyal followers, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a new chapter of Space Time Thief is currently in production – That’s right! Your favourite flambouyant duo Florentino and Meatball are returning in an all new, hyper-fancy rigmarole!

And lastly you can catch us in the flesh at a couple of upcoming events we are working hard in preparation for:

Shake! Bristol, Sunday 7th October LINK
Brighton Illustration Fair, 3rd & 4th November LINK

See ya there, ciao!