Rumble In The Jungle


Thunderchair is proud to present to you… Hyper Galactic Rockstar Champion: Royal Rumble!

Our new project is out in the multiverse and we had a lil launch to celebrate.

A fling-flonging wondrous time was had by all at Cafe Kino on April 17th. Thank you all who came and saw us in the basement and picked up a copy of our new offering. As well as the book we had plenty of surround sound, audio-visual oddities for our guests to bear witness to – Hosted of course by our very own Howie and his mysterious Lucha sidekick!

Most importantly this is our first time inviting artists in to help us create the book! A special thanks to:

Abs Bailey (Barbawk), Alex Screen, Amy Gough, Fred Downton, Isabel Otten, Joaquin Ardiles, Max Kemp and Ruby Lou Hinton.

You can find work by all of these wondrous beings, as well as the usual Thunderspiel inside the covers of this printed volume.

Glide on over to our online comics dispensary to purchase a piece of history now!