Shovelhawks Volume 1


Shovelhawks Volume 1 is finally here!

All 3 of the first chapters from the Shovelhawks saga collected in a 152 page comic printed on 140gsm off white recycled paper with a card cover.

Thunderchair brings to you a gigantic Sci-fi fantasy space adventure at its humble beginnings, follow Jack Joons and crew in what could become the enterprise that changes the entire fabric of the universe…

‘The crusty, hollowed out planet Grove 12 was just one of thousands targeted and exploited for its Fluxroot – an invaluable, life-sustaining commodity coveted by the powerful factions that rule the galaxy.

The unlikely trio of jack Joons, Dura Durstein and Tracy the Dog work to repair their grounded spaceship The Astrofang, as a means to escape their slow-paced lives and achieve their respective ambitions. A chance encounter with the slimy pondling Fink rapidly boosts them all into hyperdrive, for better or for worse’

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