Space Time Thief From The Past 2: ‘The Cavalier Hat’


The hotly anticipated Space Time Thief sequel!

64 page A4 comic, printed in full colour on 140gsm matte recycled paper.

‘The dynamic duo of Meatball and the great Florentino Comintasnatchi are back! After their misadventures on Planet Roost, the pair now traverse the stars to find a vendor of exquisite fabrics like none other. Florentino must replace his tattered cavalier hat, but encounters a new fierce-yet-fashionable rival. Their fates are about to be woven together for all eternity in chapter 2 of Space Time Thief From The Past: ‘The Cavalier Hat’…

Featuring a back page portrait of the ThundyCrew by none other than Max K of Shake Bristol!

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